Unveiling Your Strategy's Performance Metrics

After backtesting your investment strategy, the performance section provides a comprehensive overview of the outcomes, offering insights into wealth accumulation, peak values, and return percentages. This analysis helps in assessing how well the strategy performed against the expectations and goals set at the outset.

Wealth Final: Assessing Accumulated Wealth

Total Accumulated Wealth: This figure shows the sum of wealth accumulated by the end of the backtest period, offering a clear picture of the strategy's effectiveness over time.

Wealth Peak: Understanding Maximum Value

Highest Wealth Value: This metric reveals the peak wealth value attained at any point during the backtest, highlighting the maximum growth achieved.

Return Percentage: Evaluating Investment Returns

Return on Investment: While typically represented as a percentage, the return might also be shown as a dollar amount, indicating the actual gains or losses.

Whether your strategy surpassed its targets, met expectations, or highlighted areas for improvement, these insights are invaluable for refining your approach and setting more informed goals moving forward.

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