Exchange API Key

Integrate your trading platforms with our system by adding your exchange-provided API key to the Trustia application. Select the right API key for your strategy.

Seamless Integration of Trading Platforms with Our System

For a fluid and efficient trading experience, the integration of your trading platforms with our system is facilitated through the use of an API key. This key serves as a secure bridge between your exchange platform and the Trustia application, enabling direct and automated interactions that enhance your trading strategy's execution.

Adding Your API Key to the Trustia Application

If you have yet to incorporate your API key into the Trustia platform, doing so is straightforward and essential for leveraging the full capabilities of our system. The API key, provided by your exchange platform, is the cornerstone of this integration, ensuring that your trading activities are seamlessly synced with our tools and features.

Steps to Add Your API Key:

  1. Access Settings: Navigate to the settings section of the Trustia application.

  2. Add Your API Key: Enter the API key details into the designated area within your account settings. This process links your exchange account to the Trustia platform, allowing for real-time data exchange and strategy implementation.

Selecting the Correct API Key for Your Strategy

Upon adding your API key(s) to the Trustia application, you'll have the option to select which specific key you wish to utilize for running your trading strategy. This selection is crucial as it dictates which exchange account will be active and interact with our system, ensuring that your trades are executed according to your predefined strategy parameters.

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