Include / Exclude Categories

Select and filter digital assets for your strategy using a tool that analyzes market cap, Sharpe ratio, and more, enabling precise category inclusion and exclusion.

Strategically Selecting Categories for Your Digital Asset Portfolio

In the dynamic landscape of digital assets, making informed choices about which assets to include in your portfolio is paramount. Leveraging a tool powered by advanced statistical algorithms offers you the capability to sift through over 50 digital assets, evaluating them based on critical metrics such as market capitalization, Sharpe ratio, minimum variance, and correlation among others. This rigorous analysis ensures that your portfolio is composed of only the most reputable and reliable assets.

Tailoring Your Asset Selection with Filters

Beyond broad metrics, our tool provides the flexibility to refine your asset selection based on specific activity sectors. This targeted approach allows you to drill down into niches that align with your investment strategy and risk appetite:

  • Sector-Specific Selection: For example, you might choose to focus on the top nine assets within the gaming sector, decentralized finance (DeFi), or infrastructure, based on their Sharpe ratio or other pertinent criteria.

  • Category Exclusion: Equally important is the ability to exclude certain categories from your portfolio. This feature is invaluable if you wish to avoid exposure to sectors that do not match your investment criteria or risk profile.

Configuring Your Category Preferences

When configuring your portfolio, the process of selecting which categories to include and exclude is straightforward:

  1. Include Categories: Identify and select the sectors you believe offer the most promise or align with your investment thesis, ensuring a targeted approach to asset selection.

  2. Exclude Categories: Conversely, pinpoint and exclude sectors you prefer not to invest in, whether due to personal preferences, risk considerations, or other strategic reasons.

Understanding Priority of Exclusions

It's crucial to note that excluded categories take precedence over included ones. This means if you include a broad category like "infrastructure" but exclude a more specific category such as "interoperability," any assets tagged with both categories will be omitted from your asset pool. This prioritization ensures that your portfolio strictly adheres to your specified exclusions, offering a customized investment landscape tailored to your preferences.

By thoughtfully choosing the categories to include and exclude, you have the power to finely tune your digital asset portfolio. This strategic selection process not only targets specific sectors for investment but also ensures a diversified portfolio that reflects your unique investment goals and risk tolerance.

Excluded categories take precedence over included categories : For example, if you include the "infrastructure" category and exclude the "interoperability" category, all assets with both categories as tags will be excluded from the asset pool.

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