Floor Percentage Configuration

Define your investment 'Floor': Set a protective fraction of your portfolio's value in stablecoins, ensuring capital safety based on your risk tolerance

Understanding and Setting Your Investment 'Floor'

In the realm of investment strategies, the concept of the "Floor" plays a crucial role in capital protection. It represents a critical threshold: a specific fraction of your portfolio's current value below which you cannot afford to see your investment drop. This safeguard ensures that a portion of your capital is always preserved, regardless of market fluctuations, by converting it into dollar stablecoins if the portfolio's value approaches this predefined level.

How to Determine Your Floor Value

The Floor value is typically determined as a percentage of the initial investment or the wealth peak, providing a clear benchmark for the minimum acceptable value of your portfolio. This strategic approach allows you to tailor your investment's safety net to your personal risk tolerance and financial goals.

Example of Setting the Floor:

Define the Percentage of Capital Protection: Decide on the portion of your capital you wish to safeguard against market downturns. For instance, if you wish to protect 75% of your initial investment, this percentage becomes your Floor. Should the market value of your portfolio approach this threshold, a portion of your assets will automatically be converted into dollar stablecoins, effectively locking in this minimum value.

Implementing Your Floor Strategy

By defining the percentage of your capital you want to protect, you take a proactive step towards managing investment risk. This decision should align with your overall investment strategy, balancing the potential for growth against the necessity of capital preservation.

Choosing your Floor is a personal decision that reflects your financial objectives and comfort level with risk. It is a fundamental component of a comprehensive investment strategy, especially for those utilizing CPPI to protect and grow their investments in volatile markets.

In summary, setting your Floor is about establishing a safety net for your investments. It's about deciding the minimum portfolio value you're comfortable with and using stablecoins as a buffer against market volatility. This ensures that, no matter how the markets move, a portion of your investments remains secure, providing peace of mind and a foundation for future growth.

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