With your strategy parameters set and your asset pool meticulously tailored, you're now at the pivotal moment where your personalized investment portfolio can be brought to life. By clicking the designated button, you initiate the process to automatically create a portfolio based on the careful setup you've previously established. Here's what you need to know to seamlessly transition from preparation to execution:

Initiating Portfolio Creation: Locate and click on the button "Auto-suggest" the portfolio creation process. This action is your command to our system to start building your portfolio according to the strategies, parameters, and asset selections you've made.

Understanding the Loading Phase: Upon clicking the button, its state will change to "loading," signifying that your portfolio is currently being constructed. This phase is brief but crucial, as our algorithms work behind the scenes to compile and organize your selected assets into a coherent and strategic portfolio.

Awaiting the Results: After a short waiting period, the anticipation culminates in the reveal of your newly created portfolio. The results of this automated process will be displayed directly in the selected assets panel, providing you with an immediate overview of your customized investment strategy in action.

What to Expect in the Results

  • Portfolio Composition: The selected assets panel will showcase the exact composition of your portfolio, including the assets you've chosen and how they're allocated based on your predefined preferences.

  • Strategic Overview: Alongside the asset details, you'll gain insights into how your portfolio aligns with the strategic objectives you've set, offering a clear picture of how your investment strategy has been realized.

Creating your portfolio automatically based on your previous setup is not just a matter of convenience; it's a testament to how technology can empower investors to realize their financial strategies with precision and personalization. As you move forward, remember that this automated portfolio is just the beginning of an active investment management journey that may require adjustments, reviews, and refinements to stay aligned with your evolving financial goals.

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